Drew Beverly Dennis

c/o Claudia W. Broderick, Regional Human Resources Officer, FAO(UN) Regional Office for Africa
#2 Gamel Abdul Nasser Road, P. O. Box GP 1628 Accra, Ghana

http://drewbdennis.com, https://bevennycreations.com


Work experience

IFAD - Mozambique September 3, 2021 — December 31, 2021

IT Consultant
Main activities as follows: 

i) Finalize the adaptation of ArcaE system to meet all module/input-output requirements of CEDSIF, PROCAVA and PRODAPE; ii) Full customization of the ArcaE system to suit CEDSIF, PROCAVA and PRODAPE contextualized requirements and environment; iii) Installation, set-up, testing and refining the ArcaE system to address specific needs of CEDSIF, PROCAVA and PRODAPE; iv) Train PCU staff and other relevant stakeholders as well as develop the required training manual for system operation and  maintenance, user and administrative manuals, etc;  
v) Review and agree on the capacity requirement for data inputting as well as sequence of archiving of documents (including backlog)  over defined timeline; 
vi) Design the system data capture and flow plan for the different data and information sources; 
vii) Finalize, in consultation with PCUs and ICO, the annual operation and maintenance requirements and costs viii) Develop a technical backstopping and roll-out implementation plan in agreement with the PCUs and agree on optimal remote  arrangements; 
ix) Discuss and agree with PCU Staff the exit and sustainability arrangements for the continual utilization of the system including  institutional ownership/responsibility; 
x) Undertake the system documentation; 
xi) Develop and roll-out system security measures and vulnerability tests;  
xii) Create a robust mechanism for back-up systems and aspects of data protection and loss; 
xiii) Draft progress and final report on the status of CEDSIF, PROCAVA and PRODAPE ArcaE implementation including any relevant  follow up actions upon completion of this assignment. 
xiv) Perform other duties on the system as may be required by the Country Director.

Programa de Promocao de Mercados Rurais (PROMER) September 15, 2019 — June 30, 2021

IT Consultant
Main activities as follows: 
  1. Organized schedules, performed regular coaching and counseling and disciplined employees as needed.
  2. Clearly communicated job expectations to data entry team, while monitoring, appraising and reviewing their work. Enforced company policies and procedures as necessary.
  3. Compiled and verified the accuracy of data to prepare it for computer entry.
  4. Applied data techniques within the program and followed all procedures.
  5. Generated data reports and perform backups in archives.
  6. Updated job information and knowledge through participation in continued education.
  7. Kept all company information confidential.

IFAD-Mozambique February 10, 2021 — April 30, 2021

IT Consultant
Main activities as follows: 

1. Upgraded the system at CEDCIF to ARCA-E version 3.0 and at PROCAVA and PRODAPE
2. Added the edit function to the system
3. Added new UI for the select field - Improves selection speed
4. Updated the JQuery to the latest version
5. Edited the footer to include "Developed using EU funds." as per EU requirements
6. Upgraded to the latest Framework
a. improved the system security
b. added support for the latest PHP version >= 7.2.5
c. updated 25 base functions of the system to improve the overall speed
7. Fixed all bugs generated during the upgrade of the Framework
8. Added the short-name of the project to the member login page
9. Trained staff at CEDCIF and projects on the new version
10. Performed other duties on the system as required by the Country Director.

IFAD-Mozambique February 22, 2019 — June 30, 2019

IT Consultant
Main activities as follows: 

Finalized all hosting and security issues with CEDSIF, finalized the digitizing and migration of PROAQUA, PSP, PROPESCA and PROMER data to ArcaE for archiving. 

Worked with CEDSIF in making sure that all projects could access ArcaE remotely and securely.

IFAD-Mozambique March 20, 2018 — December 31, 2018

IT Consultant
Main activities as follows: 

Trained CEDSIF staff, and handed over the overall management of the system(ArcaE) to the government. Supported the finalization of the MoU between IFAD projects and CEDSIF on technical issues related to ArcaE.

Trained service provider on the use of the system. Did check and control on the first stage of uploading financial documents and documentations.

Conducted quality tests on ArcaE for the pilot test of PROSUL.

Provided technical support and capacity building to project staff.

Organized and participated in the official launching of the e-archive (ArcaE) in partnership with government.

Was required to travel to project office across the country, in order to obtain the data of ArcaE for the migration to CEDSIF servers, as well as support on resolution of issues related to ArcaE.

IFAD-Mozambique March 6, 2017 — December 31, 2017

IT Consultant
Main activities as follows: 

1. Monitored the uptake of the electronic and archiving system ArcaE. Improved the system performance where need be, and conducted debug operations as scanning of documentation picks up at project sites. Simplified and designed a more robust database as required. Tested database and system for search-ability and implemented measures to guarantee easy access of information.
2. Uploaded the backlog of financial and procurement records, trained the teams on the functionality of ArcaE. Provided best practices and devised efficient procedures to accelerate this process. Revised ArcaE user manual accordingly.
3. Conducted quality tests on scanned documentation, once enough data had been uploaded. Specifically, quality tests were done to verify if the scanned documentation respects the requirement of image quality (200 dpi).
4. Supported PMTs in connecting ArcaE servers to the world-wide-web, in order to guarantee secure access to the electronic archives through web browsers remotely. Tested robustness of log-on system.
5. Designed and operationalized the various reports to be generated by ArcaE.
6. Was required from time to time to travel to project offices across the country, in order to train project staff on maintenance and utilization of ArcaE, as well as support on resolution of issues related to ArcaE.

IFAD-Mozambique August 22, 2016 — November 30, 2016

Main activities as follows: 

A. Supported projects in establishing hardware requirements for the system.
B. Installed and deployed ArcaE in all EU-supported projects headquarters, including the necessary access to the world-wide-web in order to guarantee secure connection from any geographical location.
C. Provided training and technical support during the initial upload of financial documentation to AcraE.
D. Finalized the ArcaE user manual, as well as archiving guidelines, detailing the optimal steps to be used for uploading financial documentation.
E. Supported the projects in setting up automated backup capabilities for ArcaE and ensuring all required file systems and system data are successfully backed up to the appropriate media, recovery HDD, CD's and flash drives are created as deemed necessary, and the media recycled and sent off site as necessary.
F. Designed and operationalized the various functions as needed on the system.
G. Liaised with CFS on any Quality Assurance procedures to be implemented in order to guarantee compliance with IFAD guidelines on data storage/security.
H. Supported projects on the security management functions and audits including monitoring all system access requests; validation of needs and evaluation of appropriate access levels needed for ArcaE system access.
I. Monitored ArcaE systems performance on an on-going basis and up until end of initial adoption phase. 
J. Supported the projects in the maintenance of the ArcaE servers and server operating systems at the project sites to applicable version levels.
K. Performed other duties as assigned by the Country Director.

IFAD-Mozambique February 2, 2016 — July 31, 2016

Main activities as follows: 

A. Showcased e-archiving system and resolved design issues
B. Tested system at project site
C. Corrected bugs and system limitations
D. Wrote user manual and system tutorial
E. Conducted workshop for presentation of e-archiving software

IFAD-Mozambique December 4, 2015 — December 31, 2015

Main activities as follows: 

A. Review of project supporting documentation
B. Preliminary report on status of project archiving
C. Proposal of filing and archiving system, including software solutions
D. Elaboration of action plan and budget
E. Development of guideline and manual
F. Filing and archiving training

IFAD-Ethiopia November 2013 — December 2014

IT Support
Provided IT support to IFAD Supported Projects in Ethiopia
(Systems, Networking, Web Application Development, Softwares, Trouble Shooting, etc.)

TribeHired December 2012 — August 2013

PHP Developer
Developed a social job seeking platform

Bevenny Creations January 2011 — Present

Founder and CEO
Designing and building desktop or web applications using .net, php, html5, javascript, and mysql.

Simply Computers January 2003 — September 2004

Computer Repairs, Network Designer
Computer repairs, Networking


Master of Science in Web Design and Development August 28, 2018 — November 26, 2021

UNICAF University

Programme Aims and Objectives
Principles within the Web Design world, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful web designers and developers to advance in international organizations and achieve positive results when operating in executive positions.

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects June 2016 — July 2016

University of California, San Diego on Coursera
This course gives easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines. It's about how the brain uses two very different learning modes and how it encapsulates (“chunks”) information. It covers illusions of learning, memory techniques, dealing with procrastination, and best practices shown by research to be most effective in helping you master tough subjects. Using these approaches, no matter what your skill levels in topics you would like to master, you can change your thinking and change your life.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Security January 2008 — September 2011

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (A.P.U)
Web Application: Built for a courier company to manage and track shipments

Client/Server Application: IRC chat interface that encrypts and decrypts data flowing from one client to another using AES 256.

File Encryption: places files in an encrypted container and uses a passphrase along with AES 256.

Audio Steganography System: encrypt and hide hidden message in audio stream. (.avi, .mp3, .wav)


Hardware: Computer repairs, Networking

Design Tools: Microsoft Visio, Ms SQL, ASP.Net, PHP, MYSQL, Smart Draw

Operating System: MSDOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, Ubuntu, Fedora
Design: Visual Studio.Net, Aptana Studio 3
Programming Language: VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, PHP
General: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Powerpoint

Framework: Codeigniter, Laravel

Sports: Basketball, swimming, hiking, biking, etc.


Robson Mutandi
Director and Country Representative in Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa
IFAD Programme Management Department
Hp: +258823112151
Email: [email protected]

Custodio Mucavel
Country Programme Officer
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Hp: +258823081417

Rufino Duvane
Senior Agricultural Economist, Consultant and Acting CPO in Mozambique
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Hp: +258823051880
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Devan Singaram
Founder of TribeHired
Hp: +60122027092
Email: [email protected]

Yusnita Yusof
School of Computing & Technology
Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI)
TPM Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60389925079
Hp: +60123456170
Email: [email protected]

Hoorang G. Broujerdi
Hp: +16479697244
Email: [email protected]
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